Message From the President

Dr. Wondwosen Asfaw,

Dear members of the Ethiopian Veterinary Association, I Welcome you all to this official web site of the Ethiopian Veterinary Association (EVA). The EVA is a professional association of veterinarians in Ethiopia. It promotes the interests and activities of the veterinary profession and assists veterinarians to fulfill their role in the community.

The mission of the Ethiopian Veterinary Association is to serve its members and to further the status and image of the veterinarian. We are committed to upholding the highest professional and scientific standards, and to utilizing the professional knowledge, skill and resources of our members, to reinforce close ties with the community and thus promote the health and welfare of animals and mankind.

The association is enthusiastic in linking veterinary professionals with each other and to other professionals in the realm of livestock development, public health or allied disciplines. It is devoted to the establishment of strong animal health service delivery, veterinary education and research in the country. It also drives for the rights of members and veterinary ethical standards to be met.

Any endeavor, be it developmental, scientific research, academic and all other strides that stand for the progress of the wider public seek good access to quality and timely information.

With the very intention of promoting quality and Ethiopian contextualized veterinary medical information the EVA has availed this web site for the benefit of all potential users. Wherever you are, if you sit behind a computer with internet facility you will have an exclusive access to the veterinary medical publications of the association and additional resources.

It is our collective challenge to help transform this eminent association into one that not only meets the needs of our current members, but is prepared, as a 21st Century association, for the demands of our future members and tomorrow’s veterinary profession. Let us find the courage, and the wisdom, to face the changes of our time, and to ensure that a career in veterinary medicine is both professionally and personally rewarding, now and well into the future.

Have a fruitful tour!


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